Topoloveni Plum Spread – 350 g


– 100% BIO Functional Food, all natural, sugar free, preservatives free, additives free

– Does NOT contain sugar or other industrials sweeteners

Supplier of the Romanian Royal House


Topoloveni Concentrated Plum Spread can be consumed as breakfast, desert or as filling in the pastry products.

The plums are carefully selected, the producer use at least 4 varieties of Romanian plum boiled in special kettles, with double walls, without using direct heat (but technological steam) in order to preserve the healthy qualities of the fresh plums.


Composition: ONLY ONE INGREDIENT! 100% fresh plums, harvested on plain ripeness, selected. 100g of finished product is made of 500g fresh fruits, concentration 5:1.

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Brand: Topoloveni

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Topoloveni Plum Spread
Topoloveni Plum Spread – 350 g