Romanian ethnic instruments from Hora Reghin, tradition and mastery

Romanian ethnic instruments from Hora Reghin, tradition and mastery

Romanian ethnic instruments from Hora Reghin, tradition and mastery


Romanian ethnic instruments from Hora Reghin, tradition and mastery is a renowned name both in Romania and internationally, famous for its high-quality ethnic musical instruments. With a long history and a deep passion for music, Hora Reghin produces ethnic instruments that preserve and promote Romanian musical traditions.


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Founded in 1951, Hora Reghin has grown over the decades to become one of the largest musical instrument manufacturers in Europe. Each instrument created here reflects the tradition and mastery of Romanian luthiers, who emphasize detail and authenticity. Because of this commitment to quality, Hora Reghin’s instruments are appreciated both domestically and abroad. Hora’s ethnic instruments are sought after by connoisseurs and cherished by enthusiasts of refined sounds. Even though Hora instruments are sold under different names around the world, when you hold an instrument labeled Hora Reghin, you have the certainty of superior quality and know you have a gem in your hands.


The musical instruments produced by HORA S.A. are recognized for their superior quality, as certified by the ISO 9001 quality certificate. They meet the requirements of a wide range of customers, offering support to beginners, confidence to the experienced, and inspiration to the ambitious.


Romanian ethnic instruments represent an essential part of Romania’s cultural heritage. These musical instruments are living testimonies of Romanian history and traditions. Each ethnic instrument has its own story and is linked to specific local customs and celebrations. The sounds produced by these instruments are unmistakable and bring a special charm to traditional Romanian music. Hora Reghin, with its expertise and passion for music, manages to capture the essence of these instruments, creating pieces that are both authentic and adapted to contemporary demands.


Besides supporting traditional Romanian music, Hora Reghin also contributes to the promotion of traditional music from other countries. The ethnic instruments produced here are used by musicians worldwide, helping to preserve and revitalize musical traditions from various cultures. The adaptability and superior quality of these instruments make them ideal for performances in various musical styles, from Balkan to Greek music and many others. Thus, Hora Reghin becomes an important cultural ambassador, facilitating a rich exchange of musical influences globally.


Let’s briefly talk about them:

Cobza The cobza is a traditional Romanian instrument known for its warm and emotional sound. Hora Reghin crafts cobzas with exceptional attention to detail, using the finest wood. This instrument, often used in Romanian folk music, is essential for performing traditional melodies and keeping folklore alive.


Bouzouki Although the bouzouki has Greek origins, Hora Reghin has adapted this instrument to suit the ethnic musical styles from around the world. The bouzoukis produced here are appreciated for their robust construction and clear, vibrant sound. These instruments are ideal for musicians looking to experiment and integrate Balkan influences into their repertoire.


Dulcimer The dulcimer, also known as the tambal, is an essential instrument in traditional folk music. Hora Reghin produces high-quality dulcimers, renowned for their clarity and rich sound. Each dulcimer is hand-finished, ensuring perfect resonance and exceptional durability.


Mandolin The mandolin is an instrument with a long tradition in European music. At Hora Reghin, mandolins are crafted with great attention to detail, using traditional manufacturing techniques. The melodious and clear sound of the mandolin makes it a favorite among musicians performing folk or classical music.


Mandola The mandola is a larger instrument than the mandolin but similar in shape and playing technique. Hora Reghin produces mandolas that stand out for their sound quality and construction. These instruments are ideal for musicians who want to explore lower registers and bring a diverse sound to their performances.


Hora Reghin not only preserves traditions but also constantly innovates to meet the needs of modern musicians. Each instrument is rigorously tested to ensure the best quality and durability. The company also continuously invests in technology and professional training for its employees to stay at the forefront of the ethnic musical instrument industry.


Through its instruments, Hora Reghin significantly contributes to the promotion of Romanian music and culture internationally. Their instruments are used by professional musicians worldwide, recognized for their exceptional quality and authentic sound.


Hora Reghin is an exceptional musical instrument manufacturer, a true ambassador of Romanian tradition and culture. With a diverse range of ethnic instruments, each crafted with remarkable mastery, Hora Reghin manages to keep traditional music alive and bring it to modern audiences. This commitment to quality and authenticity makes Hora Reghin an undisputed leader in the ethnic musical instrument industry.

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