Travel to Romania: Mamaia Beaches

Romanian seaside resorts

Mamaia Beaches

Mamaia Beach is unique by its fine sand, 100-200m wide, assuring a very smooth entry in the sea mainly because of its over 8 km length. The favorable period for heliotherapy is longer than 12 hours a day. Low salinity, 15.5 grams per liter, sandy bottom, no stones at all, with a very light bent, with no floodings at all.

Mamaia Beach is designed accordingly and can welcome tourists starting with mid-May Aqua Magic – Mamaiauntil late September, when the average temperature is usually over 25 degrees Celsius, the water being warm until the end of autumn.

The beach, smoothly descending in the sea water, is thus extremely safe for children or for people who cannot swim.
Due to its excellent location, the breezes coming from both the sea and the lake chill the hot summer weather. Along this beach, there are elegant and chic hotels which can simultaneously accommodate 20 000 tourists during the summer season.

Source: Romania.Travel

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