Genmar Cosmetics, one of the major cosmetic producer in Romania

Genmar Cosmetics natural products for beauty

We are fortunately living in a time when research in dermo-cosmetics worldwide has led to the creation of exceptional active ingredients that can miraculously enhance skin appearance.We’ll step together in the Genmar Cosmetics world for presenting the secrets of natural cosmetics produced here.


The activity of the Genmar Cosmetics company is dedicated to obtaining high quality dermo-cosmetic and daily care products, which are found under the brands: HERBAGEN, Herbaforia, Keritogen, Pedex.


Currently, the manufacturer’s laboratories creates over 100 kinds of products for maintaining and regaining natural beauty: anti-wrinkle creams and gels, cleaning, facial masks, massage oils and creams, body contouring and relaxation, shampoos and hair masks, products antiperspirants with keratolytic effect and inhibition of hair growth, shower gels, beach products UVA protection factor UVB-, selftanning products, ointments, baby products.


The products contain valuable active substances: stem cells, hexapeptydes, snail extract, marine collagen, phitoceramides, Q10 coenzyme, argan vegetal oils, grape seeds, macadamia, avocado, olives, raspberries, essential oils of ylang, bergamot , geranium, lavender, tea tree, rosemary, cloves and more other from nature. The manufactured products have original formulas and are effective, well tolerated and recognized by their quality.


Genmar Cosmetics is concerned with increasing the quality of their products by using safe, non-toxic, certified organic, bioactive, or of natural origin ingredients. The new products contain over 50 latest generation active ingredients, selected from prestigious companies in Europe, Australia, USA, with visible improvement effects in skin appearance. Also all products do not contain controversial preservatives (parabens), mineral oils (paraffin), are dermatologically tested while untested on animals.


Caring for the environment has been one of the primary concerns of the producer, which led to the purchase and installation of pre-treatment plant wastewater from the production unit, thus ensuring legal compliance in terms of pre-treated water quality parameters. Genmar Cosmetics Ltd. is certified according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by Bureau Veritas Certification Romania and implements the requirements of ISO 22716 referentials: Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP and ISO 13485: Medical devices.


These certificates, according to international standards, provide extra confidence for Genmar Cosmetics products, a guarantee that its are made and controlled in manufacturing and analysis conditions required by the regulations in force.


Since 2014, after a major investment, the producer materialized an increasing of production capacity with latest equipment. The laboratory equipment is calibrated and verified metrologically, analysis methods used are validated and expert staff ensure tests are being made in the best conditions, preserving the confidentiality of results, hence the Laboratory’s motto: “Quality, reliability, performance in carrying out the tests. ”


With competence and professionalism of the personell, accumulated experience, access to the complete information, technical equipment constantly adapting and developing, systems management by objectives and specific targets, checking and constant improvement, Genmar Cosmetics intend to become one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics in Romania.


To communicate better with customers, the manufacturer opened in Bucharest, a showroom where customers can test all the product ranges of Genmar Cosmetics.


We invite you to try the Genmar Cosmetics products and enjoy their spectacular effects!


Genmar Cosmetics products

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