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The new Aslavital Mineralactiv range provides a complete program of care through mineralization, regeneration, detoxification and urban anti-pollution, bringing an infusion of youth and naturalness to the skin.

The novelty of the recipe:
In the new range, organic Goji extract has been replaced with an active ingredient that reduces electronic pollution.
The strong detoxifying, mineralizing and regenerating effect of Clay is complemented by Cobiodefender EMR: the first active ingredient that acts to reduce biological alterations in the skin, resulting from exposure to electromagnetic radiation, blue visible light and electronic pollution.

The complex of ingredients Chemically untreated clay, Cobiodefender EMR and Feluric Acid, ensures:
strengthening the natural barrier of sensitive, irritable skin
a protective shield against the penetration into the skin of toxins, dust, impurities
reducing the negative effects of exposure to blue light
antioxidant and antitoxic properties

The ASLAVITAL MINERALACTIV range addresses sensitive skin, being hypoallergenic products, without parabens, with 100% natural Clay and Cobiodefender EMR.

Any skin can become sensitive! 60% of people have sensitive skin.


Sensitive skin has the peculiarity of reacting quickly and more strongly than normal skin. Regardless of age, to the impact of the environment, we can all be affected by an increased sensitivity of the skin. The strongest factors that can influence us are: cold, heat, pollution, stress, fatigue, emotions and smoking, food, etc.

Skin sensitivity can be defined as a skin hyperactivity that involves non-allergic, non-immunological mechanisms. This hyperactivity results in a lowering of the skin’s tolerance threshold to external stimuli that are usually well tolerated. Specifically, it is a skin that has the peculiarity of reacting quickly and more strongly than normal skin. Medically, the terms “sensitive skin” and “reactive skin” can be considered equivalent.

There are three types of sensitivity:
Hereditary skin sensitivity (genetically sensitive skin) – 5% -10% of sensitive skin. It is about genetically vulnerable skin and constitution. It is found especially in atopic subjects, in skin with atopic tendency, on cuperotic or allergic “lands”.
Acquired or induced skin sensitivity (normal skin become sensitive) – 30% of sensitive skin. It affects normal skin that has become sensitive under the influence of external factors (sun, cold, climate, diets, fatigue, stress, etc.) or internal (aggressive medical treatments, such as those used for acne). These factors contribute to the decrease of the skin’s adaptive capacities and its role as a natural barrier, favoring the penetration of irritants that can induce sensations of stinging, heat, stretching.
Idiopathic skin sensitivity – 60% of sensitive skin. It has no specific causes, easy to detect. It affects all people who say they “can no longer stand their skin.”
People with sensitive skin feel a skin discomfort: sensations of tightening of the skin, stinging, burning. Visible signs may appear, such as dry skin, diffuse redness, fine flaking, rosacea, etc.
It is very important that a product that addresses sensitive skin is suitable for any skin type.


The treatment of sensitive skin consists in the use of products specially created for it. The products must be hypoallergenic, free of dyes and parabens.
The skin should be cleansed very gently. The cleanser will contain ingredients with a repairing and calming effect that relaxes, regenerates and smoothes the skin. Then, make a spray with Clay Water and wipe the face by dabbing, without rubbing the skin. Finally, apply the appropriate Aslavital cream, with strong remineralizing, detoxifying and cell regenerating effects due to the unique Clay and Cobidefender EMR complex. Regular application of a cosmetic mask with Clay leads to increased tolerance of the skin.

The clay sums up a set of beneficial properties that make it a living and miraculous earth:

  • has a remarkable absorption power
  • it has degreasing and bleaching properties
  • it has a considerable antitoxic action and in addition enhances the body’s defense forces
  • is a good antiseptic, bactericidal and disinfectant; curative clay, extracted in hygienic conditions, is sterile from the deposit, being completely free of germs
    has powers in terms of radioactive balancing of the body
  • it is an exceptional healer
  • is an effective remineralizer, being a complex mixture of aluminum silicates and composed of aluminum oxides, iron, magnesium, calcium, alkaline oxides, titanium anhydride, trace elements
  • it recharges the body’s cells with vital energy, invigorating them through still unknown mechanisms. Through the remineralizing effect of clay, the skin becomes firmer and toned.

Cobiodefende EMR is the first active ingredient focused on reducing the side effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

In addition to the clay-cobiodefender EMR complex, the products contain many other active ingredients including:

  • Vitamin A, anti-wrinkle vitamin
  • Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant
  • Complex of rice oil and ferulic acid, anti-aging effect, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Calendula natural oil (marigold), ensures a good softening, creates the feeling of softness
  • Squalane natural oil, maintains hydration level
  • Natural Sheea Butter oil restores the skin’s protective hydro-lipid barrier
  • Avocado natural oil, anti-aging effect

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