CNN: Bucharest: 9 reasons to see Romania’s capital

Best for Romania

(CNN)The days of being known as the “Little Paris of the East” may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean Bucharest’s glory days are gone, too.

The Romanian capital continues to redefine itself, merging its storied history with a modern identity.
At first glance, the architecture is dizzying, but it’s a fascinating mix.
Between the dreary Communist-era apartment blocks are Byzantine buildings, centuries’ old churches and Art Nouveau mansions that stand out as the survivors of earthquakes, war and communism.
Look more closely at one of the most promising capitals in the European Union and further charms will be revealed.
There are pristine city parks, excellent museums and gritty yet charming lanes that weave through the Old Town.
Here are more reasons to visit Bucharest right now.

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